Die Freiheit spielt auf allen Geigen

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Vorwärts denken, vorwärts gehen, vorwärts reiten

- Per angusta ad augusta
"Ich hasse ungefähr 90% der Menschheit."
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Masada shall never fall again.


Masada shall never fall again.

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Lauri Allen Törni 

1938–1944 (Finnish Army)    - Mannerheim Cross
1945 (Waffen SS)                -  2 class Iron Cross
1954–1965 (U.S. Army)       - Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart 

Died during the Vietnam War. 

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Netherlands deserved the victory.  First 55 minutes they both were equal.  Last 35 minutes Netherlands was ass whooping Mexico. Netherlands didn’t deserve the penalty.  But then again overall the Netherlands was better and they  continue to the next round. If we didn’t get the penalty it would have become 4 - 1 after the 30 minutes extra time. It’s better to end like this because the beating in the extra time would have been a disgrace for Mexico.

Grow up my Mexican friends don’t blame the referee, the Netherlands was better. 

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